Case Studies

Automotive OEM Engineering Outsourcing:

Established engineering off-shore centers in South America, India and Eastern Europe. Our client, a large automotive and truck OEM, asked us to help with the establishment of an engineering center of excellence in India, South America, and Eastern Europe. What started as a small proof of concept with a handful of associate engineers turned into a large professional capability with more than 200 engineers within 2 years, realizing annual savings of $ 18.5M.

For Three Top Ten Insurance Brokers:

Shifted their transactional footprint to a lower-cost provider, enabling closer alignment of branch labor with client needs; delivered on schedule for an overall savings of $125M over five years.

Completed an agency management system vendor analysis affecting 1,500 users in 65+ offices in less than nine months and completed a pilot in another three months, providing the ability for executive financial reporting; streamlined financial results delivery was reduced from fifteen days to two days, replacing multiple systems with a single-system environment. The single agency management system:

  • provided reporting visibility to all client and financial information,
  • allowed client servicing from multiple locations,
  • eliminated the need for larger staffing resources, and
  • saved $6.2M over five years.

Consolidated multiple, disparate processes into a repeatable, simple process, ensuring all offices process certificates consistently; implemented a centralized clearinghouse, yielding $5M in savings annually

Streamlined the acquisition onboarding process, reducing process time from one year to six months or less by creating a repeatable best-in-class process; resolved issues related to data conversion between the acquisition partner and the acquiring agency, reducing client defections due to M&A issues; maximized the acquisition partner’s effectiveness, resulting in faster onboarding of M&A partners and yielding $2.5M in savings and increased revenue annually

Reduced exposure management tasks and activities from an verage of four months to two weeks; streamlined the marketing process, reducing E&O liability by implementing a new process and technology, which included audit trails and improved client visibility, saving $1.6 M annually

graphDBV Solutions, Inc Insurance Case Studies
graphDBV Solutions, Inc. Case Studies