Strategic Partners

DBV’s Partners:
As DBV believes that one is only as good as the company one keeps, and as such uses the utmost discernment in the selection of its chosen world-class partners, including:

  • A meticulous international provider of offshore outsourced business process management services, leveraging Kaizen and Six Sigma models. Specializing in insurance and healthcare, (though serving all industries,) they provide a proprietary, metrics-driven, cloud-based workflow engine, and hold AIS, CPC, CPCU, HIPAA, and INS certifications. They have consistently delivered clients a 5-15% efficiency lift year over year.

  • An enterprise best-of-breed software technology provider which specializes in application modernization and SOA initiatives and automated workflows, fueling seamless transformation, faster time-to-market, reduced risk exposure, and increased operational efficiency. With deep, proven international expertise, their delivery models range from onsite, remote, dispatched or dedicated. Their proprietary collaboration and communication, and electronic billing and payment platforms:
    • accelerated cash flow
    • control capital expenses
    • facilitate easy form management
    • optimized customer communications, improving timeliness and options
    • reduce operational expenses
    • streamline business processes, eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies
    • transition paper processes to environmentally-friendly ones
    • yield rapid ROI

  • A top-notch digital communications agency (mobile, online, print, etc.) specializing in the insurance industry, (and including a role-based, web-based platform,) consolidating and improving communications processes and technology, leading clients to:
    • accelerate customer onboarding
    • improve communication relevancy
    • improve customer experience
    • improve regulatory compliance
    • process more claims in less time
    • reduce back-office costs
    • reduce cycle times
    • reduce printing and postage costs